Shanghai iManufacturing Park

Located in Lingang Fengxian Industrial Zone of Shanghai, iManufacturing Park is adjacent to Yangshan Free Trade Zone. This park is also only 7.5km away from A30 Hujia Expressway and 12.5km away from A2 Hulu Expressway. This park mainly consists of single-storey plants, with a total of 11 single-storey plants and one multi-storey plant.

This park undertakes projects in various industries ranging from high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, new materials, new energy to other advanced manufacturing industries. The settled enterprises include Beijing Daily Tech Co., Ltd, Chinetools Precision Components (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai New Industry Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd and Shanghai Yibang Polymeric Materials Co., Ltd.

Project Features

  • Enjoys special preferential policies of Lingang.

  • High utilization rate of plants with reasonably allotted office spaces and a building height of 15.8 meters for single-storey plants.

  • Having adequate power supply and a floor load of 5T/M2, capable of supporting a 15T vehicle.

  • A strong industrial atmosphere and clusters of upstream and downstream supporting enterprises.



No. 1566, Xinyang Highway, Fengxian District, Shanghai

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