Park InvestmentCASE STUDIES


  • Project Profile

    As a landmark R&D building in the central district of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai Jin Chuang Building offers office facilities for the Scientific and Innovative R&D enterprises. Having been located in the heart of Zhangjiang Central District, this Park is adjacent to Central Ring Road and it is the property built on the Zhongke Road Station of Metro Line 13, which can reach business circles of New World of Shanghai and Nanjing West Road without transfer. It only costs 20 minutes driving directly to Pudong International Airport.

    This park consists of four R&D buildings that were developed in two phases. Phase One (Building No.1) was completed and came into service in 2010 and Phase Two (Buildings No.2-No.4) in 2013. Most tenants are Fortune 500 enterprises, such as Shell, Johnson, FMC, Celanese, Amgen, Sartorius, Broadcom and other institutions, such as Fudan University and Zai Lab.

  • Challenges Encountered by Our Customer

    P2 R&D laboratory is required by Amgen and the biggest challenge on site is to upgrade and satisfy the engineering conditions.

    Amgen‘s Key Requirements:

    - Power capacity of 200 watts per square meter.
    - Independent area for sewage waste pool.
    - Sloped drainage pipe.
    - Floor load of 1T/M3 for partial ground.

  • Dongjiu Solutions and Achievements

    As per the requirements of Amgen R&D laboratory, Dongjiu worked closely with Amgen to offer solutions to satisfy the practical demands of Amgen.

    - With regard to the current power supply in the park, we provided power supply expansion in accordance with electrical safety.

    - Utilize the space in the basement and convert it to an independent sewage waste pool.

    - Adjust the direction of drainage pipes based on on-site conditions to satisfy the required slope while leaving the laboratory layout intact.

The Chinese market is a top priority for our global business. We are pleasantly satisfied with the partnership we have with Dongjiu, a trustworthy business park operator with immense capability, and we look forward to our further cooperation in more areas in the near future.

Di Hong
R&D Center Operation Director
Amgen Asia

  • Project Profile

    As a pioneer of Industry 4.0 in western China and a model for all Chongqing intelligent manufacturing parks, Huaping (Chongqing) Intelligent Manufacturing Park endeavors to become a gathering platform for high-end intelligent manufacturing industries. This park has formed an industrial cluster of manufacturers of high-end auto components and parts, which fits the trend of key industries in Chongqing Liangjiang New District and is conducive to the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing industries in western China.

    Located in the Longxing Industrial Park within Liangjiang New District of Chongqing, this park belongs to the Yangtze River Economic Belt. Only 25km away from the downtown area of Chongqing and 15km away from Jiangbei International Airport, this park enjoys a superior geographic location. Adjacent to Central Expressway in the south, Liangjiang Avenue in the east, CRT Line 16 in the west, together with the Chongqing-Wanzhou and Chongqing-Lichuan Railways running across its southern part, this park boasts convenient transportation. This park fits in a highly concentrated cluster of auto manufacturers with an overall annual capacity of over 1 million units, and Beijing Hyundai, Chang'an, Ford and SAIC-GM-Wuling are all within a 5km radius.

  • Challenges Encountered by Our Customer

    To guarantee that Denso is capable of producing and delivering products in accordance with its client’s orders, Dongjiu is required to complete the delivery of its customized plant in a very short period of time.

    Denso’s Key Requirements of its Customized Plants and Projects:
    - Complete the construction and delivery of 1,200㎡ of customized plant in six months (due to the complicated geological conditions in Chongqing, it usually takes one year to complete the project).
    - Complete the construction of nearly 50,000 ㎡ of single-storey standard intelligent plants in nine months, starting from land leveling, construction initiation, fire control acceptance to final acceptance of construction.
    - The floor load of the injection molding area is 5T/㎡ (3T/㎡ as per standards).
    - Full upgrade of plant fire control level to Class C2 (Class D as per standards)
    - Set up an independent power distribution room with a capacity of 1600KVA (1000KVA without independent substation as per standards)

  • Dongjiu Solutions and Achievements

    - Maintained smooth communication with the relevant entities and acquired approval through Green Channel via great company reputation and relevant working experiences.
    - Selected construction partners of many years of cooperation and good reputation and developed a reasonable construction plan.
    - Worked closely with internationally renowned design firms and adjusted implementation plan of the design in time.
    - Engaged dedicated and professional teams for project management and updated weekly with Denso regarding project progress to guarantee the effective implementation as per the project plan..

Chongqing area has great potentials for development. Denso made a decision to set up a branch office in Chongqing and must complete the construction of our plants in a short period of time due to a tight schedule. Despite the external factors which resulted in a delayed commencement of construction, Dongjiu came to our rescue and completed and delivered the project as scheduled. We hereby offer our deep gratitude and hope we can build upon our well-established mutual trust to continue and strengthen our cooperation with Dongjiu in the future.

Takeuchi Sintaroh
General Manager
Denso Guangzhou Ltd.