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Hayward Tyler Group Starts Operation in Huaping (Kunshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Park


(KUNSHAN, January 17, 2019) Recently, Hayward Tyler Group, a well-known pump company in the world, successfully entered Huaping (Kunshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Park and leased B3 plant, which started the cooperation between Hayward Tyler Group and D&J China.

Mr. Steve Mcquillan, Executive Director of Hayward Tyler Group, said at the opening ceremony that "the successful selection and settlement in this site cannot be achieved without the strong support and assistance of D&J team. D&J China responds quickly and cooperates with us efficiently in response to our requirements for the plant. I hope that while Hayward Tyler keeps moving forward, it can also grow together with D&J China."

Henry Zhao, General Manager of Huaping (Kunshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Park, also said that "We are very glad to cooperate with Hayward Tyler. We deepened the equipment foundation and carried out special reinforcement treatment for the terrace according to the needs of the customer after knowing all aspects of the technological process, and also increased the load-bearing requirements of the vehicles according to the actual production needs, thus providing elaborate services for the customer's settlement and production. We very much look forward to further cooperation in the future to jointly promote the development of regional industrial economy."

Hayward Tyler Group has nearly 200 years of industry experience. Its products are spread all over the world and are used in nuclear power generation, thermal power generation and other fields. It is the world's top producer of pumps and motors. Its partners include China Guodian Corporation, China Huadian Corporation, China Huaneng Group, China Shenhua Energy, Datang International Power Generation, DukeEnergy, EON, Eskom, NTPC and TataPower.

D&J China is an industrial investment and industrial park development and operation platform created by Warburg Pincus, aiming to become the best and innovative comprehensive service platform provider for industrial infrastructure.

Over the past four years since its establishment, D&J China has made great efforts in the field of comprehensive services for industrial infrastructure. At the same time, it has also gained a lot of recognition at home and abroad and accumulated a large amount of industrial resources. Adhering to the principle of promoting the development of the real economy and becoming an industrial upgrading force, D&J China has cooperated with a number of global top 500 high-tech enterprises and new economy-featured industry partners, such as Shell, Johnson & Johnson, Celanese, Amgen, Broadcom, Israeli Chemical, DENSO, AMD, NIO, Magna, Andou Iron and other industry leaders.

In August 2018, D&J China Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park's special asset support plan was approved at Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Four projects, including D&J's Huaping (Kunshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Park, are the underlying assets, with an approved scale of more than RMB 1 billion. It is the first single intelligent manufacturing industrial park REITS in China, marking a new breakthrough in the development and operation of industrial parks and in assisting the development and layout of high-end manufacturing industries.

Huaping (Kunshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Park

Huaping (Kunshan) Intelligent Manufacturing Park is located in the High-tech Industrial Development Zone of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, and is 100% leased. The park focuses on the development of high-tech industries such as intelligent manufacturing, auto parts and new energy, and has become one of the ideal parks for famous high-tech enterprises at home and abroad to set up manufacturing bases in the Yangtze River Delta.

About D&J China

Co-founded by Warburg Pincus Investment Group in 2014 and headquartered in Shanghai, D&J China is a leading integrated industrial properties and service provider with a proven track record in industrial property development, operation and investment, as well as fund management.

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